Happy Mother’s Day Butter Lovers!

I know it’s been a minute, but I had to share this thought with you. Like most of us, I get a little sentimental this time of year. Not in a rom-com, Pinot Grigio, and Giveon on replay kind of way. Mostly I reminisce about fun times I had as a kid, or those silly moments with my kids that leave me smiling for no reason. Lately, my memories are taking me back to how I learned to love plants.

My mom is a hard-core houseplant lover, and I grew up surrounded by plants of all sizes. Every spring my mom would refresh the soil in her potted plants, or “give them new shoes” as she would say. When she said that I knew a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was coming soon. Don’t get me wrong, no one was checking for the botanic garden. It was just me. Regardless, I tried to tag along anytime my mom went, especially in spring. The garden in spring felt magical to me. It was like an oasis within the city. The air there smelled so fragrant, and the scenery was so tranquil. I loved it there.

We would walk among the plant-filled tables at the nursery and admire the beautiful colors of all the plants and flowers. My mom showed me how to choose healthy plants, and we talked about ways to nurse them back to health if things went left. She taught me to be aware of the unique conditions some plants need to thrive and how to tell if they’re not getting what they need. Mostly, my mom taught me plants are living things that need to be nurtured. It was on these trips I learned how to care for something other than myself. I love her for that.

What's your favorite Mother's Day memory? Share it with us in the comments below! 

Pbs Nature Flowers GIF by Nature on PBS


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