Why I ghost social media on weekends.

Why I ghost social media on weekends.

I won't say I'm never on social media on the weekends, but it is rare. Social media had me on 10 - 25/8. The level of negativity out there can be a lot to take. I mean, it never takes a break. So I decided I would. And I’m not even heavy on it like that.

It was smooth with it, too. At first, it was all love and positivity. Happy kitty memes (I love cats. Hate me). Funny toddler videos. Then something tragic would pop up in my feed. I'm like, "OMG!! How could this be going on?" Mad face. Sad face. Thumbs up. That’s when everything shifts. Then all I would see is the bad and the sad. WTF??? I didn’t come here for this.

The friends I actually follow are nowhere on my timeline. But I get a lot of suggestions to form friendships with people I don’t even know. How cringe is that? The artists I support are buried under reels that go on forever. And the energy on social is just toxic. The level of trolling that goes on is scary. It's the world's biggest HS cafeteria. Like, are they really living for this? Does this make them eat?

I mean, I get it. Don't miss a bag. But people are really dying out here for likes and shares. To me, that's an L, not  W. One artist I follow recently shared that they (I picked the pronoun because of privacy) couldn't bring themselves to show up at their own event. Now, before you assume this person is weak, know their struggle. I've watched the bad over shout the good for them, and it hurt. They are very talented. But people are so quick to judge that they kill a person's spirit. And people think it’s OK because it's how they feel. Until it happens to them. Then it's a problem and they call for their prayer warriors.

Listen, at the end of the day we're all experiencing life. Social media can be an amazing way to share those experiences. But cash is king on social media. Just keep in mind the negative energy is there on purpose. That's what sells. Not everything that falls into your feed is about your choices. When I started seeing the signs, I started ghosting social. F*ck em!

That’s why I'm ghost on the weekends. And if you're judging me because of my number of followers you're proving my point. How are you gonna let some billionaire rate your worth? Based on what? His say so? Really? Naw, I didn't think so. You can be great without the extra.

Do good today! You're amazing!

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