Edge Control

As I washed my face this morning I noticed I have edges! I mean full, face-framing edges. I mean miss me with edge control, edges! For me, this is major because my whole life I had that whole “M” thing going with the high temples and widow’s peak. Not sexy. 


But, I got edges now! Heeey!

Going through my morning routine I reflected on my natural skin-care journey and how much of a difference it’s making. My hair is healthier (I use tea tree, olive oil, and aloe), and my complexion is more even with far fewer break-outs (I use everything by The Butter Project).

And that’s what I love about plant-based skincare. Plant-based products work with hair and skin helping them to repair and regenerate naturally. Without all the extras.

So I got edges now! Heeey!

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