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Rewards and Subscriptions

It feels amazing to be seen! At The Butter Project, we appreciate every single purchase and referral you make. We want to show our loyalty to you for being loyal to us!


To show our appreciation to you as a loyal customer we offer reward “COINS” that can be redeemed during future purchases. Here’s how it works.

What are COINS?

COINS are reward points you earn after certain actions are completed on our website. Signing up for the reward program, placing an order, celebrating a birthday or anniversary, referring The Butter Project, or providing your email at checkout will earn you COINS.

Here’s how you earn COINS:

Action Taken

Coins Earned


Reward Program Sign-up





100 COINS/$1




1000 COINS




500 COINS for Each Membership Year




1000 COINS for you

500 Additional COINS for your friend


Are COINS real cash?

COINS are credits you can apply toward your next purchase. Every 100 COINS earned is $1 you can use toward your purchase. You can apply all or part of your COINS whenever you want to.

Will COINS expire?

COINS don’t last forever. If you don’t make a purchase 12 months after you sign up, you might lose your COINS. You will always receive an email before your coins expire.

How do I use my COINS?

As you earn COINS you become a member of a Club or tier. There are three Clubs: Gold Club, Platinum Club, and Diamond Club. You are automatically qualified for each Club based on the total number of COINS you earn. Plus, the number of COINS you earn multiplies based on the Club you’re in. So if you’re a Gold Member you earn an extra 100 COINS for every $1 you spend for a total of 200 COINS for each $1. When you gain Club status COINS can stack FAST! Also, you get extra reward discounts to help you spend all that COIN!


Here’s how:

Club Membership

You need to earn

Bonus COINS Earned

Exclusive Discount

COINS Redeemed toward Discount






Gold Club

Earn 7000 COINS

Get 1x multiplier

$5 Off Coupon







Platinum Club

Earn 10500 COINS

Get 1.5x multiplier

$10 Off Coupon

3000 COINS






Diamond Club

Earn 14000 COINS

Get 2x multiplier

$20 Off Coupon OR

Free Shipping

7000 COINS or

1000 COINS


You can use your rewards as often as you like and still earn COINS for every $1 you spend. Keep in mind you have to spend at least $20 before your discount applies. 

The best part is that you get all of this and can cancel at any time right on your dashboard.

And that’s it! Shop as much as you like and earn rewards as you go! Tell your friends, and family and share on your social media page to earn bigger rewards! Don’t miss out! Join today!

This reward program is powered by GLOW. 


Tired of forgetting to restock your favorites? Don’t worry. We got you! Add our Subscribe and Save plan. Have your favorites delivered to you every month and get 10% off! Add your COINS and save even more! It’s easy. And you have full control.

The Subscribe and Save Plan

Subscribe and Save is a convenient way to have your favorites from The Butter Project delivered to you each month. You have full control of your account right from your dashboard!

Here’s how it works:

How do I sign-up?

You can sign-up for Subscribe and Save from your dashboard at any time. No purchase is necessary to enroll. You will have to provide your personal information including your name, address, contact details, and billing information. Your data is needed to process your subscription requests and stored securely.

How am I billed?

Your initial commitment is for 3 automated monthly payments. You can pause, resume, or cancel Subscribe and Save anytime after your third automated payment is received. Active accounts are billed on the 15th of each month. You will receive a payment reminder by email 3 days before your account is billed. When your order is processed you will receive a fulfillment confirmation email. This process follows our Fulfillment policy. Please review for more information.

If your Subscribe and Save payment is returned for any reason, The Butter Project will make one additional attempt to process your payment. If the second attempt is unsuccessful the account is automatically paused. If you would like to resume your subscription, please contact us by Chat or email us at info@butterbathnbody.com.

A special note for Local Delivery: If you select Local Delivery as a shipping option you will not have access to certain account automation. Please contact us to assist with any change requests. Use Chat for the fastest service, or email your request to info@butterbathnbody.com.

How long is the plan?

Subscribe and Save renews annually. You can re-enroll through your dashboard to continue to receive deliveries.

I want to change my order. What do I do?

You can add, remove or change items in your Subscribe and Save plan up to 3 days before you are billed for your next delivery. You can keep any changes you make, or change it back to the original order.

What happens if my order isn’t right?

Well, that’s on us. Refer to our Return Policy. We will make it right.

Subscribe and Save is powered by PayWhirl.

If you have any questions about this or any other services offered contact us using Chat, or email us at info@butterbathnbody.com.