Start Fresh

Clear complexions start clean. Our natural bar soap gently cleans away polutants, moisturizers, and fragrances giving your skin a fresh start each time you wash.

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Show your skin some love!

The Butter Project has natural bath and body products formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin. Use every day to reveal naturally glowing skin! Get exactly what your skin needs.

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Image of closed white flip-top jar of Mango & Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub - Honey Lavender

New! Mango & Sugar Scrub

Glowing skin is within reach! Feel gentle exfoliation and reveal softer skin.

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Mane-tain Control

Transform your beard with Shaver's Edge Natural Beard Serum. This powerful formulation conditions beards and stimulates growth for a fuller look. Experience the power of nature in your beard!

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Let's Be Clear

The beneficial ingredients in Clarifying Turmeric Natural Bar Soap reduce acne-causing bacteria that cause inflammation while lightening skin discoloration. Your skin will feel conditioned and hydrated after each use.

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Power Play

Level up your skincare routine with Shea & Aloe Body Butter Bundle! Our bundle includes shea body butter and natural soap, combining the healing benefits with maximum hydration.

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