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It's no secret...

The best in skin care comes from nature. That's why The Butter Project uses natural ingredients - like fresh aloe and unrefined shea butter. It's because we understand natural ingredients - not derivatives - give you the best results. Use every day to get exactly what your skin needs to look healthy and get glowing!

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Start Fresh

Clear complexions start clean. Our natural bar soap gently cleans away polutants, moisturizers, and fragrances giving your skin a fresh start each time you wash.

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Deep Hydration

Get deep hydration that lasts all day. Shea & Aloe Extra Moisture lotion makes dry, itchy skin a thing of the past.

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Let's Be Clear

Revitalize Your Skincare Routine with the Nourishing Benefits of Mango Butter Sugar Scrubs.

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Nature's Abundance

Level up your skincare routine with an abundance of natural skincare products. Natural ingredients work best! Create your personalized skincare routine here!

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