Just the FAQs



I get it.  I think about it, too.  Should I shop here?  Can I trust this site?  Well, trust is earned so I’m going to leave the answer to some of the questions I get most often here, and hopefully, I can start earning your trust.

If you got a question that you don’t see here, ask it here info@butterbathnbody.com and I’ll add it to the list.

Appreciate you!  Your visit made my day!  Now, the FAQs!


  1. Does your soap contain lye?
  2. No, but all soap is made with some form of oils and some form of a base, or lye. Combining the two creates a chemical reaction that makes soap. The lye is depleted during the reaction.  Even melt and pour soap goes through this reaction before it ends up on the shelf.


  1. Do you use dyes in your products?
  2. My products are usually colored with kaolin clays or activated charcoal. Some specialty products may contain micas, similar to those found in eye shadow.


  1. Does your products contain preservatives?
  2. Bar soaps from The Butter Project are self-preserving, however, some skincare and in-shower products are preserved for your safety. I use plant-based anti-microbial and anti-oxidants in skincare products that will either come into contact with or contain liquids as ingredients.  


  1. Is my payment information secure?
  2. Yes! All of your payment information, such as your bank, card number, expiration date, and CVV are encrypted and cannot be viewed by the website administrator or the web host.  If you have any questions about charges please contact me at info@butterbathnbody.com.


  1. How can I pay?
  2. Most online payment methods are accepted. Sorry, PayPal is no longer available.


  1. Do you have free shipping?
  2. Yes! All purchases over $40.00 ship free! Use code: SHIPFREE at check-out


  1. How long will it take to ship my order?
  2. Orders are fulfilled within 5 business days and confirmation is sent the moment you place your order. Please leave your e-mail address when you complete the customer information section to receive tracking information and updates.


  1. What if I don’t get my order?
  2. Contact me at info@butterbathnbody.com. Don’t even bother with the post office, I got you!  Don’t forget to leave your name and Order# in your e-mail to speed up the process.  If your order is not located, you can choose from a re-order or a refund.


  1. What about returns?
  2. Personal care product can not be returned, however, if you don’t like it, if something is damaged during shipping, I want to make it right. Please contact me at info@butterbathnbody.com for help with damages or refunds.


Have a question of your own?  Ask down below!