Natural Skin Care Starts Here.

Self-care hits differently when you add nourishing ingredients to your routine. The Butter Project has six skin-loving bar soap and moisturizing formulas to choose from. Each is made with natural, plant-based ingredients to gently cleanse and moisturize your skin. Your skin will look fresh and feel conditioned. Without synthetic preservatives, detergents, or foaming agents to undo all the love you show your skin. Self-care can be simple. Begin your journey here!
Our products contain NO synthetic preservatives. NO detergents. NO foaming agents. No animal testing.


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Shea & Aloe Body Butter

Formulated with two natural humectants - aloe leaf and manuka honey - Shea & Aloe Body Butter Moisturizer hydrates skin and keeps it hydrated. With natural emollients that lock in moisture for lasting protection against dryness. The ultra-whipped formula has a silky feel that melts into the skin for a natural glow. A little goes a long way toward making dry skin a thing of the past. Shea & Aloe Body Butter Moisturizer's got the whole family covered from head to toe.


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NEW! Shea & Aloe Extra Moisture Lotion

Get fast-acting relief for dryness, with a light and natural blend of shea and aloe. This light-weight lotion absorbs quickly, and is scented with a delicate lavender aroma - perfect for keeping your skin hydrated and happy! Experience softer, more nourished skin with Shea & Aloe Extra Moisture Lotion.


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NEW! Shaver's Edge Natural Beard Serum

This 100% natural and organic oil softens and conditions, lasting all day and making your beard look and feel silky-smooth. There's no greasy feeling - just the delightful scent of invigorating botanical extracts. Transform your beard with Shaver's Edge Natural Beard Serum.


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Honey Lavender Natural Bar Soap

Honey Lavender Natural Bar Soap is infused with honey and aloe to create a relaxing, moisture-rich shower experience. The lavender-scented lather is filled with sweet almond and jojoba oils to balance the mind and body. Honey Lavender Natural Bar Soap is formulated for all skin types to enjoy.


Oat and Honey Natural Bar Soap

This creamy cocoa butter formula soothes and moisturizes the most sensitive skin. Avocado oil's natural conditioning properties leave your skin feeling less stressed after each shower. The humectants in colloidal oats form a moisture barrier to relieve itching and inflammation. Oat and Honey Natural Bar Soap is the perfect soap for dry or sensitive skin. With the comforting scent of vanilla and honey to ease you into your morning routine.


Rose Kaolin Natural Bar Soap

The toning properties of Rose Kaolin Natural Bar Soap refine the appearance of pores to give your skin a smoother appearance. The humectants in this cocoa butter formulation hydrate your skin so skin looks smoother. 


Clarifying Turmeric Natural Bar Soap

If you’re tired of acne experience turmeric's clarifying effects! Clarifying Turmeric Natural Bar Soap is formulated with 2% turmeric for deep cleansing without irritation. This gentle, red palm oil formulation is high in CoQ10 and squalene to boost healing and hydration. With an exotic ylang-ylang fragrance, you'll love your skincare journey.


Fresh Mint Natural Bar Soap

Energize your shower routine with Fresh Mint Natural Bar Soap. A peppermint fragrance blend with spicy notes that elevates your shower experience. Formulated with french green clay for gentle pore refinement and mango butter to soften skin and improve elasticity.