Welcome to The Butter Project

At The Butter Project we are dedicated to providing you with all-natural bath and body products that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Hi. I'm the founder,  LisaB, and I'm passionate about creating skin care products that are both effective and gentle on sensitive skin. From lotions to body scrubs, we have what you need to care for your skin naturally.

I founded The Butter Project as a love letter to everyone on their clear skin journey. I want you to know I know what it’s like. We’re taking this journey together, and it’s not over.

Join our community today and experience the fresh nature has to offer.

My body butter is like the butter in your fridge. Please store in a cool, dry place and enjoy.

My Mission

The Butter Project seeks to honor the benefits of plant-derived ingredients by offering natural personal care products to those who desire holistic alternatives. The company continues to build relationships with partners who are committed to promoting sustainability and empowering communities.