Grow With Me! - Update!

Final Update! We Did It!

I got the most amazing news this morning. Today The Butter Project's lending campaign through Kiva is fully funded! All of you have been so supportive throughout this process and I can't thank you enough! I really appreciate the support, the encouragement, and the pure love I received, during this campaign and from the very beginning! This could not have happened without you!🧡

Weekly Update! We are 34% Funded!

Thanks to all of you, I made it through the private fundraising period the very first day and now my loan is posted on the Kiva public page! I have 30 days to fund the remainder of my loan to receive my loan - funding on Kiva is an all or nothing deal.

If you're still interested in supporting me, please use the following link here.

Please consider lending - I sincerely appreciate your support! If you have any questions about Kiva, or my campaign, please email me at! This is an amazing opportunity for new start-ups an I'd love to talk to you about my experience so far!

Thanks, again, for your support! Let's make it to the finish line before April, 30, 2023!

Original Post 03/27/23
Every business goes through it. There comes a time when fundraising is necessary if the business is going to thrive. No one likes it, but it part of the business life-cycle. The thing is, not every bank or investor can see your vision beyond hard numbers. This is a challenge for a lot of small business owners. So what do you do?
I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Kiva, a non-profit lender that supports small businesses around the world through crowd-funding. Support from Kiva comes in the form of a loan, not a grant or donation. Borrowers begin repayment to their lenders a month after the loan is received. What makes Kiva unique is how it helps to raise capital. You prove yourself through "social proof" because Kiva believes if your customers, friends, and family believe in you, they should too. 
The Butter Project is currently running a fund-raising campaign through Kiva. We are asking for a small loan of $25 by April 5, 2023 to get to the next round of funding. If you'd like to support The Butter Project you can make your loan here: 
Yes, I know the image is upside down. But this is me and this is real. I have until April 5 to reach my goal and move to the next round. If you're not in the position to lend, please share the link. Someone you know might be able to help!
Thank you for joining me on my journey and growing with me!